cute places.

Hallo meine lieben!!!! 😀  ¿¿¿como están??? 😀 ❤

Explorar la ciudad se ha convertido mi plan favorito para los fines de semana, recientemente descubrí nuevos lugarcitos que me han dejado sin aliento. ❤


A couple days ago, I was exploring the city as usual and end up finding such a new cute spots. 😀

Here’s the list:

1- Toronto flowers market: Perfect plan to pick up some nice fresh flowers and make your own flower bucket.  link

2- Hotblack coffe: Best coffee in town 😛 link

3- New Broadview house hotel: Extremely nice place for a cutie date with your boy. ❤ link 

4- Toronto island (not new): Family plans goal. 😀  link

5- NU BÜGEL – Kensington market: Quick and delicious lunch 😛 , best bagels in town.   link 

Kisses P. ❤